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Book Club Questions

Daughter of Isis

  1. What growth did you see in Sunday throughout the book?

  2. Did the story unfold as you expected? If not, what surprised you?

  3. Reap’s favorite philosopher, Nietzche, believed that man has a quest to become an übermensch, meaning superman. This is a person who rolls with the punches and thrives no matter what life throws at them. How do the teachings of Nietzche play into the themes of the book?

  4. Which character most resonated with you?

  5. What was your favorite part of the book? Least favorite?

  6. Are Seers obligated to help spirits and creatures from the Other World? Why or why not? What is a reasonable ask and what is too far?

  7. Folklore and mythology run through this story. What deities/creatures were you familiar with? Which were new to you?

  8. How did the philosophies Sunday and Matty’s fathers raised them with differ? How were they the same?

  9. What do you think happened with Sunday’s mother?

  10. If you got a chance to ask the author of the book one question, what would it be?

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